Wits Postgraduate Amendment Form

To make a change to your study decisions, please complete the undergraduate modification form and email it to applications.senc@wits.ac.za The following schools require the submission of a proposed program form, which is a list of the courses you wish to take at the time you qualify. This applies to all levels of study, namely postgraduate degrees, MEng and MSc. The Office of Postgraduate Affairs promotes the Postgraduate Interfaculty Symposium, organizes research support and writing retreats for graduate students, and works to improve the quality of the postgraduate experience at Wits. Contact the student call centre +27 (0)11 717 1888 or report a request to www.wits.ac.za/askwits. A graduate student must complete a PG Studies Modification Form for the following: Some departments require the submission of additional forms beyond academic documents; This applies to both Wits alumni and those applying to Wits University for the first time. All applications are unique; Therefore, students are advised to ensure that they upload the right documents in a timely manner so that their application can be assessed fairly and a decision can be made. Once a student has registered, the supervisor should contact the school`s GSC representative to learn about the school`s process for accessing and approving a research proposal before submitting it to the faculty. The following schools in the faculty require the submission of an evaluator details page, which must be submitted with your exam request. Based on the result, a letter is sent to the student by email. The faculty representative provided details on the SIMS research proposal and the next GSC agenda for information. In order to help students submit for the exam, the faculty has created a style guide for theses, dissertations, and research reports.

. Students are entitled to appropriate supervision in the revision of theses in response to auditors` reports. After registration, full-time applicants must submit a research proposal within four months (MSc Diss) or six months (PhD). For part-time applicants, the deadline is eight months (MSc Diss) or twelve months (PhD). We recommend that you visit the schools` pages to see the latest offers and contact the respective administrators of those schools if you need help with course selection. The review will take place within a maximum of six months, unless the request for an additional extension is supported by the Faculty`s Graduate Studies Committee. Faculties do not charge additional fees to students if the revision is completed within three months. In addition, applicants must pay all fees.

Failure to submit at the end of the review period may result in termination of the application. To check the status of your self-service application, go to the main menu > student center > self-service > Admissions > Self-Service Portal on the status of the study application for candidates and current students. We offer all the daily services you need to feel at home while studying at Wits, including accommodation, housekeeping, meals, recreation and access to support, development and extracurricular activities. Science enthusiasts can visit the Planetarium, origins centre, Bleloch Geological Museum, Life Sciences Museum and James Kitching Gallery at the Paleoscience Centre. When students are ready to submit their thesis/dissertation/research report for review, supervisors should inquire with GSC school representatives to see if students/supervisors have met the schools` requirements to submit their work for examination. These steps are designed to guide you through the application process to make sure you don`t find it a daunting and overwhelming task. Applicants to the Translation and Interpretation Department must submit an accreditation assessment for translation and interpretation as part of the application process. Please note that an application will not be considered if this portfolio is not uploaded with other required application documents. The research proposal is then sent to the GSC President for approval. Applicants to the School of Public Health`s doctoral program must download and complete a doctoral application questionnaire, which must be uploaded through the student self-service portal. . Below are some guidelines and requirements that students should be aware of.

We encourage prospective students to read carefully before proceeding with the application steps below. Master of Management through Research and Dissertation click herePhD click here The metropolis of Johannesburg covers an area larger than Sydney, London or New York, and is estimated to be as large as Los Angeles. * This program does not require participation in the admission test. Wits is a municipal university in the heart of the Joburg shopping centre. It is the centre of South Africa`s commercial and creative culture, through which students are exposed to a variety of disciplines and social interactions. To view all correspondence generated on the self-service portal, go to the self-service > main menu > Wits Student Self Service > Communication History A final submission will not be accepted if one of the above options has not been received. The student`s supervisor forwards the GSC reports and recommendations to the student. Wits International Office – The Wits International Office (WIO) advises you on visa and study permit issues.

At the heart of student life are the modern, safe and well-maintained dormitories. . The University of the Witwatersrand is one of the best public universities in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is #=424 in QS Global World Rankings 2022. Wits students benefit from state-of-the-art academic and recreational facilities, including 11 computer lab libraries, knowledge centers, and an award-winning disability unit for students with physical, medical, learning, or psychological conditions to achieve their disability. Master of Business AdministrationMaster of Management: in the following areas of finance and investment * Innovation studies * Strategic marketing Entrepreneurship and new business creation and executive coaching * Graduate Diploma in Business Administration FT [The PDBA is offered modular over 1 academic year]Postgraduate Diploma in Management: in the field of business administration PDM BA (full-time)PhD Three months before the Submission, a student must receive a declaration of Intent to submit to the faculty`s examination. This allows the faculty to review the student`s records for title changes and supervisor changes. The faculty verifies whether examiners have been appointed. Annual progress reports are required by the faculty for each candidate registered in July/August of each calendar year. These progress reports must be completed by the applicant and the supervisor; it must then be returned electronically to the faculty by the representative of the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) of each school.

Once approval of the school`s submission is obtained, the student must submit the research proposal with the full submission of the research proposal and a signed position statement from the PGS Supervisor. This free guide compares the top 10 student cities: scholarships, visas, average tuition, and more! Everything you need to know about enrolling in the 2022 academic year. With the best talent from across the African continent, the Wits Theatre Complex continually explores new and experimental works. With all this experimental work done at the university, the public will also be delighted by the Fassler Gallery, the Museum of Anthropology including the Wits Art Museum. With over 100 clubs and companies active on every campus, there`s something for everyone. .

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